12 Important points for Civil Site Engineers

12 important points for civil Site engineers which are too much important at site.

Given are the point which should be apply at the Site

1: The compressive strength of Bricks should be not less than 3.5 N/mm2

2: Water Absorption for 1st class bricks should be not less than 15%

3: Use the formulas: D2/162 to find the unit weight of steel in kg/m where D is dai of steel in mm

4: Longitudinal reinforcement should not be under 0.8% and over 6% of gross C/S

5: Use minimum 4 No’s of bars for Square column and 6 No’s of bars in Circular Column.

6: During concrete work Free fall of concrete should be not more than 1.50 meter.

7: Minimum thickness of slab is 125 mm

8: We should not use the lapping length if the dia of steel is over 36mm

9: Earthwork excavation toward basement over 3 m should remain in stepped form

10: Electrical conduit shall not be runs in the columns.

11: Cement should be preserved in dry places on a raised platform roughly 200 mm

12: Main bars Diameter should not be less than 12  mm.

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