Advantages of solar power plant

Solar power plant:

The solar power plant is used to convert sunlight into electricity. This is freely available and environment-friendly source. To generate electricity from solar, two ways are used. One is used photovoltaic panels and the second method is used mirrors to generate electricity. Out of these two methods, the first method is an efficient and easy method.

By using photovoltaic cells, sunlight can be converted into electrical energy. This type of electricity generation method will very popular in present and it will be more popular in future. Because this method uses non-renewable energy source and this source is freely available for a lifetime. Coal and other non-renewable sources are not available in future. So, this will take place of all thermal power plant.

Advantages of solar power plant:

1) They help in keeping the environment pollution free and Help in generating electricity easily with good efficiency.

2) the initial installation of the solar power plant is expensive due to the advancement in technology the price of these plants is dipping down. Because of advancement and help of the government of India, solar power is available at only 3 ₹/kWh (including subsidy. Which is the lowest price comparing to other sources.

3)It is a great way to save money as most of the electricity is consumed from the power plants it can help you to reduce bills.

4) As solar power is a renewable source of energy is available free of cost everywhere.

5) It can be used for lighting, mobile charging, security cameras, park lighting.

6) When there is no power you can use the electricity generated from the solar power plant and solar power plant requires very low maintenance and at the same time have a long life of panels and other accessories.

7) It works in the best way when the location is a remote area.

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