Looking After Your Vehicle During The Winter Months

With a chill in the air and snow on the roads, winter is most definitely here, and it’s important to keep your car healthy and safe during this potentially dangerous time. If you have a seasonal vehicle that is not practical to use or leave out in the open during this frosty time of year, it is often best to store it inside an outbuilding, box van or box trailer. Whilst storing your vehicle inside a building is fine if you don’t need to move it at all, an enclosed box van trailer is definitely a better solution if there’s any chance at all that you’ll be needing to move it over the winter, saving you the hassle of moving it in and out of the garage or other outbuilding.

If you’re not too familiar with enclosed trailers, they are basically designed to provide your vehicle with a secure and sheltered space whilst they are being moved, but only the highest quality trailers will give your vehicle the ultimate protection that it may require. Despite the initial purpose of the box trailer being to provide this safety and security whilst moving the vehicle, it is also a very practical way to store your vehicle over winter, or during other periods of non-use.

If you find that you move your vehicle very frequently throughout the year, or your regular car is not powerful enough to tow a trailer with a vehicle in it, it may be a better choice to invest in a box van. A box van features a large solid storage area on the back, and the front of a truck, meaning it is an all-in-one mobile storage unit, saving you the extra issues that can arise when driving with a trailer in tow.

These enclosed trailers keep your vehicles nice and snug, protecting them from the elements. Frost, snow and rain can all be very damaging to a car, so it’s incredibly important to look after it. The car’s battery can die in colder weather, which can lead to having to potentially buy a new one, which can be expensive or near impossible to find with some older cars. Fluids such as oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake and transmission in your car also start to thicken, so you must keep checking them. 

Cold air will also lower your tire pressure. For every 5.5C drop in temperature, tires can lose 1 psi of pressure, causing them to perform badly, especially in wintery conditions. Wipers and washer solvent can also stop functioning properly. People can sometimes not clear their windscreens before turning their wipers on, meaning that the blades can tear and rip. Spark plugs can also become less reliable in the cold, which can in turn cause your vehicle not to start.

The winter season really can be damaging to your vehicle, so protecting it and keeping it out of the elements is the best precaution you can take. Buying a box trailer or box van trailer is a good solution to this, as it provides the necessary protection, as well as allowing you to easily move it if needed.

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