Top Civil Engineering Interview Questions

Every Civil Engineers should know the answer for the following questions :

  1. Define beam and their types?
  2. What is a continuous footing?
  3. What is shallow foundation?
  4. What is deep foundation?
  5. What is foundation wall?
  6. What is lintel beam?
  7. Define suspend floor?
  8. What is Grade of Concrete?
  9. Define plinth beam?
  10. Define Compressive strength of concrete?
  11. What is super elevation?
  12. What are the Types of road and their functions?
  13. What is raft foundation and their types?
  14. What is the height of normal building?
  15. What is engineering scale and their types?
  16. What is different b/w One way and Two way slab?
  17. Enlist the types of building?
  18. Define stress and strain?
  19. What is different b/w raft footing?
  20. What is the different between beam and column?
  21. What is stirrups in column?
  22. What is the Hook formula in stirrups?
  23. What is density of Steel?
  24. What BOQ in quantity survey?
  25. What is different b/w plinth area and carpet area?
  26. What are the types of mild steel?
  27. What are the types of quantity survey
  28. Define civil engineering drawing?
  29. What are the types of engineering drawing?
  30. What is bent up bar?
  31. What is crank bar?
  32. What is the different b/w main bar and distribution bar?
  33. types of scaffolding?
  34. types of plastering?
  35. What is pointing?
  36. What is centre line method in foundation?
  37. What is concrete cover?
  38. What is minimum thickness for slab?
  39. What is the different b/w bridge and culvert?
  40. What is span?
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