Blogging is getting great exposure for engineers. Though, one most common question which you will hear from engineers and leaders is “When is the right time to start a blog?” Basically, there is no right and wrong time for engineers to blog.
When I’m talking about engineers should have a Blog, it means not a personal blog but a profitable blog with perfect Blog business plan. Let’s do a calculation and lets imagine you know what is Blogging and how to start a Blog. You created a blog in 1st or 2nd year of Blogging and every month you write 10 articles.

Now, let’s do a simple math calculation and let’s see what could be your stats by the end of your engineering degree:

·   10 *12 : 120 Articles
·   120*4 : 480 Articles (4 Year course)

Now, let’s expect you are using adsense to monetize your blog and can you imagine how much money a blog with proper blog business plan can make in 4 year time. Moreover, when you graduate, you will have a passive income and you will be in condition to decide if you want to be your own boss or you need to work for someone else. Sounds like a dream, but believe me it’s not tough.

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