🎋Restaurant Kim Boi Bamboo
Architects; Tran Ba Tiep
Location; Kim Bôi, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Area; 700.0 m2
Year of the project; 2016
Manufacturers; Bambubuild, Xingfa
Description submitted by the project team. The project is the culmination of the ecotourism center which offers a lovely natural landscape in the north of Vietnam. The client wishes to build a traditional Vietnamese complex, giving special importance to the conservation of the landscape and natural ecology of the region.
The architecture of the restaurant is inspired by the traditional conical hat of the Vietnamese woman, intimately connecting her beauty, simple but luxurious.
The project in the form of a twelve-sided polygon and concrete structure was unfinished and abandoned for many years because of the economic crisis. The architects have appropriated the columns and available concrete beams and have researched how to design the roof of the structure with a support of 12 bamboo structures that slope to the ground. This structural solution presents a romantic solution that does not obstruct the exterior landscape. The restaurant has an approximate area of 700 m² and 15 meters high.
The bamboo is connected through moorings and bamboo bolts in the ground to later be erected by a crane. This construction technique is easy to develop and requires simple tools.
The type of bamboo used is "bamboo iron". Its local name is "tâm vng", it is resistant to high pressures and easy manipulation. The ceiling is made of natural leaves, very light and easy to shape. In the center, there is a skylight 1.56 meters in diameter to get natural light.
The largest span is 24.6 meters and the largest diameter of the restaurant is 32 meters. The project expressed the great capacity of bamboo expansion. In addition, the bamboo structure is also a decorative element.