Ductless AC vs. Central Air: Which is Best?

  • Flexibility: Nothing beats a ductless system for ease of installation and flexibility with tackling add-ons, remodeled rooms or areas that never quite get cool enough.
  • Heating and Cooling: Ductless mini-split systems can be purchased to provide either warm or cool air; a central air conditioner works in tandem with your furnace, but provides only cooling.
  • Energy Use: Because it has a limited range, a ductless system usually takes far less energy to run than a whole-house central AC system.
  • Installation Ease: A ductless system installs in less than a day; a complete central air conditioner requires two or three days of work if ducts need to be run inside walls and between floors.
  • System Design: A central AC system requires extensive calculation, measurement and design; a ductless system is also rated by cooling tons, but is a far simpler design process.
  • Utility Bills: Wisely run, a ductless system can save you money by cooling only the spaces you want; a central air conditioner will cool ducts first, then cool every room in your home.
  • Cost: Generally the ductless system will cost more for the same cooling capacity, but that may not be true if you need to run new ducts for a central AC unit.
  • Air Quality: A central air conditioner features a large air filter, cleaned or replaced monthly, to remove particulates from your airflow; a ductless system has a much smaller, less efficient, reusable filter for the same purpose.

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