Top 20 Greatest Engineering Achievements

It may be difficult to agree on the greatest engineering achievements of the twentieth century; but the American Engineering Society issued a list of what it called "the greatest engineering achievements of the last 29 years".. and has been nominated by 29 independent engineering organizations.. From each side, we submit a list of ten achievements that you see important. Following the collection and re-screening of lists, nominations were as follows:

1 in the first place, urban electrification came as the most important geometric achievement of the twentieth century and was considered by most of the forensic experts of most contemporary techniques

2 in second place the car came as the most important means of transportation in history (although its invention belongs to 1800 M)!

3 in third place, aircraft came as a means of transportation and the culmination of a dream as long as man wished to achieve it

4 in fourth place the water sterilization technique came after contaminated water caused disease outbreaks and shortened ages in most countries!

5 in fifth place the tube tube (and later transistor) came as a cornerstone in most modern devices.

6 then radio and television are the most important way to spread the information and increase its spread.

7 then the agricultural machinery that doubled yields, saved from famine, and provided much effort and money.

8 computers that organized administrative and personal work in a way that is difficult to dispense with.

9 the phone is the most important communication tool that has made it possible to reach everywhere in the world.

10 refrigerators and HVAC devices that facilitated the conservation and export of foods and adapting work environments and homes!

11 highways (and railways) and their vital role in transporting individuals and goods at low cost.

12 then space exploration that expanded our knowledge of the universe and provided 60 inventions for our public life!!

13 internet breaker and the greatest comprehensive information system in history (and I expect to occupy an advanced centre in the new century! What?

14 photography technique (and medical photography) and its role in clarifying news, information and vision inside the body for the first time in history!

15 home appliances that facilitated people's lives and gave them unprecedented luxury!

16 Technology (and medical devices) that expanded doctors and saved millions of lives!

17 Petroleum (and natural gas) which is the main engine of the 17th century!!

18 then laser (which was described as an invention without application) and today became the cornerstone of inventions that are difficult to confine!

19 the atom that despite its use of atomic bombs has provided a new and new source of energy!

20 modern metal alloys that align with their requirements and characterized by strength and stamina!

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