French embassy in Haiti | Amazing Architecture

 Architects      :  Explorations Architecture

Location                      :   Port au Prince, Haiti
Lead Architects           :   Explorations Architecture
   (Benoît Le Thierry d’Ennequin,
   Yves Pagès,
   Marie Ferrari,
   Claudia Trovati)
Area                             :  1200.0 m2
Project Year                 :   2018
Photographs                 :  Michel Denance


     Ø    The new French Embassy of Haiti consists in one circular                  structure taking place in a large park. 

Ø    The whole project creates an elegant campus that is both, a place of representation for the French Republic and a space for daily work. 

Ø    The new Embassy is inspired by the tropical architecture of several periods and is made in respect of the memory of the land where it takes place. 

Ø    The proposal is to build pavilion with light steel and wood frame with facades that filter views and protect from climatic effects.     


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