Design Procedure for One Way Slab | Slab Design Steps

Design of One way slab

1.Based on the stiffness requirement assume suitable depth and calculate the effective span
2.Calculate the loads acting on the slab.
3.Calculate factored moment and shear force by considering the one-meter width of the slab
 For simply supported slab 
Factored moment =Mu= Wu× l²/ 8
Shear Force = Vu = Wu×l / 2
4.Determine the minimum depth required to resist bending moment by equating 
Mu= Mulim = k×fck×bd²
k=0.138 For Fe 415 steel and  k=0.148 for mild steel 
The depth provided should be more than this value
5.Determine the area of steel considering meter width of the slab.

6.Determine the spacing of bars by using 
  S= ast/Ast ×1000
  ast – area of bar used
  Ast- total area of steel required 
  Spacing should be more than 3d or 300mm whichever is less
7.Distribution steel provides minimum reinforcement as distribution steel at a spacing of 5d or 450mm whichever is less.
8.Slab is checked for deflection shear and development length.In case of slabs( thin members), no need of even minimum shear reinforcement.Shear due to loads always must be less than the shear strength of concrete.

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