Solar Power Plant Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Solar Energy
1- The cleanest and renewable source of energy.
2- It is available in abundance and endless.
3- It provides electricity at a low cost, as fuel is free.
4- With new research in this sector we now have a good power storage solution.
5- Keeping in mind the pollution and cost of fossil fuel, it’s becoming the most reliable source of clean energy.

Disadvantages of Solar Power Plant
1- It requires a lot of lands to be captured forever.
2- The initial cost of installation is too high.
3- The energy storage options are not efficient and moreover costly if efficient.
4- Power production is quite low as compared to nuclear or other resources to produce power.
5- There is a problem if it is cloudy for a few days.
6- Their production causes pollution.
1- Solar power plant is powering cities in the most efficient manner.
2- Solar panels could be used to generate electricity individually for each house especially in remote areas.

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