Can We Drive with a Bad Transmission? Repair cost?

Transmission Repair Cost (and Replacement Cost)

Brace yourself; transmission repair and replacement are going to be quite pricey. You can often get a rebuilt transmission for between $1,000 and $6,000. That price will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, and a manual transmission is cheaper than an automatic one.
If you’d like something with more of a guarantee, go for a factory-rebuilt model. You’ll pay more, but the warranty can be up to 100,000 miles or three years. It is easier for a mechanic to install vs rebuilding it and will take a day or two at most.
If the mechanic rebuilds it, the costs are lower, but the warranty period is shorter. It can take three or four days minimum because the damaged module must be removed, stripped, and repaired. Costs vary because you never know what problems might be lurking inside.

Your alternative is to salvage a transmission. If you’re lucky, you’ll pay $200 to $600, but the problem is that you don’t know what you’re getting. Who’s to say that the salvaged model will work for your vehicle?
Speak to the repair shop upfront—some won’t offer this service at all because of the potential risks. Steer clear of used parts, too, unless you know something about the way the other vehicle was maintained.
You’ll also need to be guided by your budget, so when working out if this repair is affordable, factor in towing fees. You could risk driving the car if it’s only a short distance away from the garage. If it’s a fair distance away, call a tow truck instead.

Can You Drive with a Bad Transmission?

We don’t advise it under normal conditions. If you’ve identified a leak, you could get away with it by topping up the transmission fluid regularly. It is a pain because it means checking the fluid every time you climb into the vehicle.
You’ll always need a bottle of transmission fluid with you. If you’re going to try this, be sure that you have the right type of fluid for your vehicle.

If the gears are grating, or you’re not sure what the problem is, rather park the car and have it towed. The potential for damage is high. If the metal in the transmission starts to flake off, and falls into the coolant, you can expect an extremely expensive repair.

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