Can You Start a Car With a Faulty Ignition Switch?

The cost of an ignition switch can vary quite a bit depending on make and model of vehicle, whether it’s an OEM or aftermarket switch, and whether the switch is a combination unit (ignition switch plus lock cylinder).

While you can get a cheap aftermarket switch for as little as $20, it’s always recommended to go OEM (original equipment manufacturer). In most cases, the cost of your part will be somewhere in the range of $70 to $300.
Expect to pay between $60 to $180 in labor to have the switch replaced. Generally speaking, ignition switch replacement takes about an hour to an hour and a half.
If you add up the average cost of parts and labor, the total ignition switch replacement cost will usually run in the neighborhood of $130 to $480. If you own a luxury vehicle and have a highly complex ignition switch or have a car dealership perform the job, expect to pay in the upper part of that range or even more.
If you can start the vehicle, you can drive it to the mechanic. If not, factor in extra money to have it towed instead. If the wiring around the switch has been damaged, you’ll need to have this fixed as well.

Can You Start a Car With a Faulty Ignition Switch?         

If you’re lucky, you might be able to get the car going. If that’s the case, make your way to an auto repair shop or dealership at once. It is an issue that you must fix as soon as possible since it’s not just the starting up where there’s an issue.
There’s the real danger that your car could cut out on you while you’re driving. It could be extremely dangerous on the highway, for example.

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