Where to Install Security Cameras for a House

What do I need to install security cameras?

A security system from Lorex includes everything you need to get your system up and running right out of the box. Each camera (whether sold separately or as part of a system) includes the necessary parts to connect and mount your cameras. Each camera typically includes:
  • 60ft of cable (either BNC or Cat5e - per camera)
  • The mounting kit (screws and anchors)
  • A power adapter and/or receiver
Common household tools, such as drills, screwdrivers, and a ladder are also typically required for installation of security cameras, or for making final adjustments and positioning.

Where should I install my security cameras?

Outdoor security cameras from Lorex are weatherproof, meaning you can install them where you need them most. Once you have determined the areas that need the most coverage, optimize installation locations with the following tips:
Keep cameras up high

This will protect cameras from vandalism and provide a wider coverage area.
Keep under shelter

This will reduce the impact precipitation has on the quality of security footage.

Don't make obstructions the point of focus to maximize the field of view.
Point away from light
Mount the camera so the lens is pointed away from sources of light.
Protect camera cables
Install on the side of buildings, soffits or ceilings to conceal the cables.
Obvious placement
The mere appearance of security cameras can deter potential intruders.

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