Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger

Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger

These are commonly used up to temperature difference of 90-95° C. Above these temperature differences problems of differential expansion arise. These are used when shell-side fluid is clean and non-fouling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed tube sheet heat exchanger


  • It is simple in construction and economical.
  • Gasket joints are minimum.
  • Shell is welded to tube sheet on both sides, so leakage possibility is less.
  • No intermixing of shell side and tube side fluid.
  • No limitation on a number of tube side passes.
  • Since straight tubes are used, tube replacement is easier.
  • Tubes can be cleaned mechanically or chemically.
  • Minimum bypassing of shell-side fluid between the tube bundle and shell.

Disadvantages :

  • It is not possible to remove the tube bundle for inspection and cleaning.
  • The outer surface of the tube cannot be cleaned manually or mechanically.
  • Shell and tube sheet material should be weldable together.

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