Lathe Machine Operation & Working

Lathe machine is used to cut the metal from the cylindrical workpiece, and convert it into the desired shape. It turns the cylindrical workpiece, and during turning a sharp edge cutting tool introduce, which cuts the metal. Its working can be described as follow.

1. A cylindrical workpiece fixed to the chuck. A chuck may have three-jaw or for jaw according to the requirement. The workpiece is at the center or some eccentric according to the process perform.

2. The spindle starts to rotate and set it at the desired speed. The spindle speed plays a huge role during cutting. The spindle rotates the chuck and workpiece.

3. Now check the workpiece is turning properly. If it is not set the workpiece using a dial gauge.

4. Now set the tool at desire feed by moving the tool post and carriage. The feed also plays the main role during cutting. The large feed may cause an unwanted temperature increase.

5. After it, the tool is introduced between moving workpiece at desire feed rate. It cut the metal from a workpiece. The feed rate is set at the cutting condition.

6. Now all unwanted metal is removed by moving the carriage form horizontally and vertically as desire according to the job requirement. After complete all processes, we got a well-finished job.

7. The lathe can perform turning, boring, chamfering, shaping, facing, drilling knurling, grooving as shown in the figure.

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