How to Apply Ceramic Coating


ceramic coating 

We will go through steps by step to help you on how to apply a ceramic coating on your car. Once you follow all the tips and tricks that we will mention, it will be easy for you to apply it and you will get great results.

Step 1 — Wash the Car

First, take a pressure washer and splash water through the whole surface of your vehicle. Next, use a snow foam and a foam cannon to wash the car entirely.

It is better to start your washing session by cleaning the wheels as they are the dustiest parts of the cars. Then the paint surface should be adequately washed using protective cleaning tactics.

These protective cleaning tactics include two bucket methods. You will use one bucket that has only rinse water to wash out slightly, and the washing solution will be inside the second bucket. The top portion of the vehicle should be washed initially and then move forward to lower portions.

Step 2 — Chemical Cleanse

During chemical cleansing stages, you will use an irony filings eliminator and a tar eliminator. When you spray these products on a clear surface, they will react by changing color. Then you need to wait 3-5 minutes and wash it out.

Step 3 — Clay Bar

You will need a clay bar and clay bar lubricant for the second cleansing stage. It is a manual process in which you will remove dangerous substances from the surface using these products.

Spraying through the surface of the paint using the clay bar lubricant and applying firm pressure to the surface by moving in different directions. However, the pressure should not be much rather than gentle.

Step 4 — Polishing the Paint

You will do a perfect paint with the high finish before applying a ceramic coating on the surface. If you failed to do a faultless paint, it might leave defection on the surface.

For deep swirls and scratches, you require to do mix two or more elements, including dual action polisher. The reason behind doing this to have a smooth, shiny surface.

Step 5 — IPA Wipe

Once the polishing task is done, you can move forward by spraying an isopropyl alcohol mix on the surface. And dry those spots by rubbing with a piece of fabric to get rid of any unconsumed polishing oils. It will ensure a genuine chemical bond of the ceramic coating.

Step 6 — Ceramic Coating Application

A Ceramic coating comes with a complete set that contains different types of things. Use the foam applier to enfold the micro suede applier around it.

Shake well the ceramic coating bottle in the strict sense before applying it. Then make a line by pouring the coating on your micro suede. Then apply the ceramic coating with intersecting sets of parallel lines in different directions.

Plus, manufacturers recommend working in small sections in side by side in pairs. You don’t have to wait much time— 20-30 seconds is enough. Then just remove the remaining ceramic coating from the surface using a suitable cloth.

Step 7 — Final Wipe Down with Silica Spray Sealant

After removing the ceramic coating, you need to wait 30 minutes or a maximum of one hour and then sprinkle some spray silica on the surface. During the curing session of ceramic coating, the spray silica won’t let any water spots to stick over the surface.

Once the curing session is done, you will notice more gloss and glaze to your ceramic coating. So these are all tasks you have to follow. Make sure to keep the coating on the paint for at least 12 to 24 hours without contacting any water.

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

A typical ceramic coating may last three to five years with proper care and maintenance. However, a professional ceramic coating may last ten years or more or even the lifetime of the vehicle.

The longevity of the best ceramic coating depends on three factors. The first one is the prep task and application. When you apply a ceramic coating on a contaminant-free and smooth surface, it strongly sticks on the paint surface and cures harder. So it will be highly durable.

The second one is the formula—the ingredients which are used to make this product. All the ceramic coatings are not made in the same quality.  You will find many watered-down ceramic coatings that are not much effective to stick properly on the paint surface. A premium quality ceramic coating will create a thin layer on vehicle surfaces while being adhesive to surfaces.

The last one is SiO2 percentage. The higher SiO2 percentage, the stronger and better it is. You will find a minimum 80% SiO2 of formulation in a high standard ceramic coating.  So it will also last longer for being harder.

How do I Maintain My Ceramic Coated Car?

Maintain your ceramic coating car properly is an essential task to ensure a great and long-lasting result.

Wash Your Car Every Two Weeks

Cleaning your car in every two weeks will prevent building up contaminants. You should clean it routinely even if you are not using it regularly.

Do Not Wash the Vehicle in Direct Sunlight

It is better to wash your car inside the garage or shade areas where direct sunlight won’t come. Because the harmful UV rays will damage your coatings. The best time to wash your is the early morning or early evening hours when the Sun has the lowest light.

Use an Automotive Specific Car Soap or Shampoo

Some automotive car soaps are good for your car wash as these products don’t contain any harsh ingredients or chemicals. You can use these soaps to wash your car surface easily.

Always Use Separate Wash Buckets and Mitts for Wheels

Tires and wheels are the dirtiest parts of the car as these parts contact with the ground. So it is better to use separate wash buckets and mitts for wheels.

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