What is casting? and It's uses?

 What is casting?

It is a process in which the material is heated to its molten state and this liquid molten material is poured into a mold of the desired cavity and left to solidify. After solidification, the pattern that we get is called casting. The casting is taken out of the mold when the process completed.

  • The metals are the general materials used for the casting

Why casting is used?

  • Casting is a very old process for forming any material in the desired shape. It is a 6000-year-old process.
  • Casting is used to make complex shapes that are not easy to manufacture commercially by another manufacturing process.

Where casting is used?

  • Casting is used to make complex parts of any machine.
  • It is used in automobile industries, aerospace, railways, and shipping for manufacturing different parts.
  • It is used to manufacture electrical equipment like motors, generators, pumps, and compressors.
  • If we talk about the hardware industry than there, it is used to produce plumbing pipes, joints, fittings, valves, etc.
  • It is used to manufacture household equipment like gardening and kitchen equipment, furniture, and fittings.
  • There are other areas where casting is used or we can say that almost every industry use the processes of casting to manufacture their
    respective products.

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