Performance of air compressor on ships


What are the causes of the poor performance of air compressors?

  1. Choked air suction strainer
  2. Leaky or sticky valves
  3. Too much L.P bumping clearance
  4. Leaky piston rings
  5. Leaky cylinder head cover and gaskets
  6. Leaky drains
  7. Leaky relief valves
  8. Leaky coolers
  9. Worn crankpin bearings
  10. Faulty capacity controller

How to maintain air compressor efficiency?

  1. Cleaning of the suction air filter.
  2. Adjusting bumping clearance.
  3. Regular overhaul the suction and delivery valve and checking bearings.
  4. Check the piston rings and liner.
  5. Clear the cooler drain free from deposits.
  6. Clean the cooler regularly.

How air bottle pressure test is carried out in ships?

  1. Gag the relief valve
  2. Close all openings
  3. Fit test pressure gauge
  4. Remove filling valve and fill with fresh water completely
  5. Air purge and connect the hydraulic pump at filling line.
  6. Apply pressure 1.5 times of working pressure and maintain at least 30 min
  7. Check leaking points.

 What is the purpose of the drain valve in the compressor and air bottle?

  • It is processed to remove the accumulation of oil-water and sludge from the air bottle, scavenge space, compressor intercooler and settle and service tank.
  • To drain the water and surplus oil in the air bottle.
  • To avoid air bottle corrosion
  • To prevent staring airline explosion and sluggish & corrosion in the system.

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