Double dust system on ships

In Double Duct system, two separate ducts are run from the central unit to each of the air terminals, as shown in the figure below. In winter two warm air streams, of different temperatures, are carried to the air terminals, for individual mixing. The temperatures of both air streams are automatically controlled. In summer the air temperature leaving the cooler is controlled by a multi-step thermostat in the re-circulating air stream, which governs the automatic capacity control of refrigerating plant, as with the zone control. Steam is supplied to one of the heaters so that two air streams are available at the air terminals for individual mixing.

  1. Filter
  2. Cooler
  3. Low duty heater
  4. High duty heater
  5. Pre-insulated pipes delivering air
  6. Sound attenuating air terminal, with volume and temperature control
  7. Automatic steam valve for tempered air stream
  8. Automatic steam valve for warm air stream
  9. Steam traps
  10. Multi-step cooling thermostat
  11. Compressor
  12. Automatic Capacity Control valves
  13. Condenser
  14. Thermostatic expansion valve
  15. Seawater pump
  16. Fan starter
  17. Compressor starter
  18. Seawater pump starter

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