How To Install Keyless Entry System On A Car


How to Install Keyless Entry System on a Car

With these five steps, you can perform the keyless entry car installation without any hassle:

How to Install Keyless Entry System on a Car

1. Identify Your Wiring System

It is possible to install a keyless entry system on different types of wiring. Therefore, find out the actual system of your vehicle before proceeding.

2. Access the Wires

After the identification, drivers have to access the wires by removing the panels under the dashboard and steering column. Sometimes, access may require the removal of the panel located beneath the driver’s side kick panel. You have to find out the wiring harness and cut some of the black wire covers to get a proper view of the wires.

The wiring of all the cars does not have the same color pattern. So, check the wiring diagram. If that is not available, search online with the car manufacturer and model number. Otherwise, contact the vehicle manufacturer.

3. Preparing the Wires

While preparing the wires, cut them about six inches down and tape them using black electrical tape. You will need to perform this only if they are not using a trunk.

The aim of this step is to prevent the wires from being an impediment during the car keyless entry system installation process. Now, bundle together the wires that you will need and leave four inches at both ends for making the connections.

4. Making the Connections

From the wiring harness of your car, cut a small amount of the wire covering. Usually, you will need a relay to establish a connection to the horn. At this point, strip the ends of the wires located in the keyless system and securely connect them. Then, connect the stripped areas of the car wires to the wires of the keyless system.

Before proceeding to make connections to the locking system, check the parking light, main power wire, ignition wire, and starter wire connections. For establishing a good connection, you can utilize the side by side wire tap connectors. Keep in mind that you do not have to cut any existing wires in the car harness.

5. Program the System

After installing keyless entry and securing the wiring, program some remote functions as per their needs. Door unlock pulse, chirp mode, ignition controlled door locks, passive starter defeat enable, ignition trigger feature, are some of the common programmable features.


People who want to know how to install a keyless entry system on a car will find these steps simple and effective. 

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