Reheat system Air conditioning on ships

In the reheat system, the air is preheated at the central unit; its temperature is being automatically controlled. The air terminals are equipped with electric or hot water heating elements. These raise the temperature of the air to meet the demands of the room thermostats which are individually set. The diagram below shows a reheat system for air conditioning.

  1. Filter
  2. Cooler
  3. Preheater
  4. Pre-insulated air pipe
  5. Sound attenuating air terminal containing electric re-heater and overheat thermostat
  6. Automatic steam valve
  7. Steam trap
  8. Multi-step cooling thermostat
  9. Compressor
  10. Automatic Capacity Control valves
  11. Condenser
  12. Thermostatic expansion valve
  13. Seawater pump
  14. Fan starter
  15. Compressor starter
  16. Seawater pump starter
  17. Heater Contractor
  18. Room type thermostat

In summer, the air temperature is controlled by a multi-step thermostat in the re-circulating air stream, which governs the automatic capacity control of the refrigerating plant. In the case of electric reheat, fire protection is provided by overheat thermostats which shut down the heaters in the event of air starvation, while a fan failure automatically cuts off the power supply.

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