The Difference Between Sportscars, Supercars And Hypercars


What Are Sports Cars, Supercars, And Hypercars?

The Difference Between Sportscars, Supercars And Hypercars

Before going to know the differences between these car types, drivers should understand each type. So do you really know the definition of a supercar, sports car, hypercar?

What Is A Sports Car?

The sports car was identified as a car with two seats, has a soft top, could even be used for competition. That’s how people think about sports cars in the past. 

Nowadays, a sports car is an automobile equipped for racing, especially an aerodynamically shaped two-passenger or four-passenger vehicle having a low center of gravity and steering and suspension designed for precise control at high speeds. It is known as a lightweight track car or a modern hot hatchback to a mid-engined or a front-engined grand touring coupé.

Most sports cars have used rear-wheel drive with the engine either located at the front of the car (FR layout) or in the middle of the car (MR layout). Best Sports Cars must use the excitement of speed and the glamour of the track and have dynamic performance, two seats or 2+2 seats, excellent light & sound system, stylish designs, diverse colors. 

Some famous sports cars are Audi TT, BMW i8, Mazda MX-5, Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Supra, Lexus LC, Chevrolet Corvette… They are all designed for dynamic performance. 

What Is A Supercar?

Supercar is considered a boast level of drama and prestige noticeably above the status of a sports cars. A supercar is also called an exotic car, is a loosely defined description of a street-legal, high-performance luxury sports car.

The supercars are harder to handle, usually have an output above 500 horsepower and their price point places them in the second highest rank compared to other car types. Most supercars are mid-engined. The same applies to the transmission, as pretty much all use DSG or paddle shifters to enhance performance. Supercars tend to take an iterative approach to design, taking the most cutting-edge technology and aerodynamic engineering, and making it slightly better with every release. 

Some famous supercars are Ferrari 488 GTB, McLaren 650S, Corvette C7 ZO6…

What Is Hypercar?

So the term hypercar usually is misunderstood with a supercar. That’s why many people ask the difference between supercar vs hypercar. The hypercar is a term reserved for the top 1% of supercars in the world. It is the most excellent car type in the four-car rank standards which are performance, price, innovation, and visual design. 

Hypercars have a higher level of prestige than supercars, they are one level above them. Therefore the standard of what makes a hypercar is stricter than the supercar. The number of hypercars in the world is really limited. There are only a few cars that can be considered a hypercar. The first one was produced in 1963, the Lamborghini Miura. This was also known as the P400. 

The hypercars have high performance and mind-blowing designs. Therefore the cost is unsurprisingly expensive. Although a high-performance hypercar is meant to be designed for elegance and high speeds, they need to last and thrive as many cars cannot maintain high speeds, especially above 100 miles per hour to ensure they do not become unsafe.

The well known hypercars are: Lamborghini Miura, Bugatti, Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1…

The Differences Among Superscar, Sportscar and Hypercar

So, you already understand the definition of each car type and popular car for each type of them. Now, let’s move on to the differences among them. According to the definition above, it is easy to make clear the differences between sports cars vs supercar.

We will distinguish them by the four main categories: performance, price, design, and rareness.

1. Performance

A sports car has really great performance but ranks third in the top 3 cars. About the speed, outright speed doesn’t serve as an indisputable border between categories. There is another factor that arguably is the most definitive element that accurately classifies a car, and it’s the feel and sensation you get from behind the wheel.

When talking about the outright performance, you may imply that a sports car cannot be faster than anything you would class as a supercar, hypercar. But deeply, it depends on how you are defining “faster”. A sports car can be faster than a supercar around a circuit, and a supercar can be faster than a hypercar around a circuit; however, while lap times can’t segregate sports cars from supercars and the like, top speed and acceleration statistics do usually improve in cars higher up the automotive hierarchy. In general, it depends on you because you are a driver and what you expect to experience.

A supercar is usually more powerful than a sports car. Therefore it can be keener to drift in professional hands. Meanwhile, hypercars push the boundaries of what’s possible, and therefore can be rather intimidating, requiring the taming input of an expert.

2. Design

About the design, sports cars sit at the bottom of this hierarchy, with supercars occupying the middle ground, and hypercars being the kings of the castle. The hypercar completely reaches the point which is of our expectation. It makes people cannot say anything but “wow”. The interior, the anterior are just amazing. 

3. The Price

The price is one of the aspects that can help us to distinguish the sports car, supercar, and hypercar. Together with the difference in the performance, design. The price tells clearly the differences between sports cars, supercars, and hypercars. Usually, the price of hypercars is the most expensive, then the super car and the last is a sports car. But there is an exception that the supercars and sports cars are similar. 

Aston Martin’s Vantage GT8 sports car was priced like a supercar and had the extremely low production volume you’d normally associate with a hypercar. But hypercars are always the most expensive cars. Bugatti’s La Voiture Noire cost €16.7 million, or almost $19 million, including taxes. 

4. The Rareness

The last criteria which we can put into consideration are rareness. For sure the hyper is the rarest one. As we mentioned above, there is only 1% of the total number of cars in the world are hypercars. That’s because it’s really expensive, fancy, and takes a lot of time to produce. There is also a website that shows you all of the hypercars in the world. You can find the information about any hypercars there. The website is HYPERCAR

Supercars and sports cars are also expensive but compared to hypercars, the number of them is much bigger. You may see supercars, sports cars often on the street sometimes. 

Example Of Supercar, Sports Car, Hypercar

Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce is definitely a supercar and its price is $500.000, which gives 700 plus horsepower. Porsche Boxter S is a comly sports car with low horsepower, about 315. Its price is around $63.000 and it’s absolutely disqualified from supercar strata. 

A Pagani Huayra is a hypercar, given the 730 stallions coming from its mid-mounted Mercedes-AMG bi-turbo V-12, especially when you factor in the one-of-a-kind active aero-kit technology and that $1.2 million price tag. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport car is a high-end supercar which is 1200 horsepower and has a price of $2 million. It is nearly considered as a hypercar but is a supercar at the end.

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